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Clutter Cutters opened its doors a little over 20 years with the idea of solving problems and helping people better use their space.

I was an expert in putting things away in order so it all made sense – not just so you might find it later but so you know exactly where things belonged. We know how to deal with problems like having too much or knowing where to begin when you need to pare down.

A place for everything and everything in its place.


About twenty years ago, I had an idea: I wanted to help people get organized. When I started Clutter Cutters, it was a new and undefined idea. Not everyone understood what I was going for but, for me, I knew I wanted to create order and structure for people who needed help with their space.

The tools for organizing were instilled in me at an early age. I understood that by putting my things away, I was doing something really nice for myself. When you clean up a space, you give yourself the gift of relief from stress, guilt, and anxiety.

For some, it’s the relief of not looking at the pile that you’ve been meaning to clear out. For others, it’s the concern that it’s never going to get done. The clutter that you’ve been putting off can finally get done because we are here to help. We don’t clean your space – we organize it!


About ten years back, we decided to focus extra attention on helping out the elderly. We understood that when it was time for our aging parents to downsize, we could help.

We assist in:

  • Removing the contents of the space with dignity and respect
  • Removing valuables/ appraisals/ arranging for sales
  • Have contacts including Sotheby’s, Various charities, Gold buyers, book buyers, etc.
  • We have multiple contracts with a number of California Banks and Trusts
  • We are leaders in emptying spaces in the least disruptive and most Earth-friendly means


(818) 660-6157 · cutclutter@aol.com